This is why Netflix released Indian Matchmaking

With a population of 1.3 billion, Netflix sees India as its next growth opportunity. Because of competition and a lack of appeal, the company been struggling in India. By investing in Bollywood, Netflix is hoping to connect more Indian consumers from around the world (especially in India) to Netflix.

Now, this is not a writeup on why Netflix is a great investment. This is about Netflix’s most controversial piece of Bollywood: Indian Matchmaking.

Netflix's 'Indian Matchmaking' Sparks Debate About Colorism And ...

Indian Matchmaking is a reality tv show that will give you a glimpse into the role of matchmakers and the culture of many Indian millennials. Some of the people looking for love are more traditional than others but overall, everyone has their unique personalities.

Besides seeing how the dates worked out, you get to learn more about Indian culture and the various types of Indian marriages that are out there. While some things about the matchmaking process might be seen as controversial, it does expose the realities of arranged marriages in India. Many might not understand the reasons for all the classism and racism in Indian culture but there are more positive things to gain from watching the show

It should be noted that in the beginning, the matchmaker, Sima, conveys herself as a person that is affiliated with the elite of Indian society. While her matchmaking services are expensive, you’ll find that not everyone that uses her services is driving around in fancy cars with tons of wealth. Some of her clients are middle-class and independent.

Now, here’s my take on the show:

I like the show but I haven’t developed a love for it. What bothered me a lot about the show was how the producers didn’t give us a satisfying ending for many of the romantic we saw in the beginning. It was like they completely forgot about them once they found someone they were able to connect with.

Learning about each person’s backstory helps me understand the characters better. Some will have weird personalities and others will have outgoing personalities. Will you learn to love the characters? For those that you’re able to relate with, you will but for others, highly unlikely. If only the show gave more showtime for the other characters, we would’ve been able to love the other characters.

Do I recommend you to watch the show? Yes! 

If you want to know how the couples from Season 1 turned out, click here.

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