Top 5 Most Disappointing Films of 2019

I’ve tackled my favorite movies of the year but now I will tackle the most disappointing films of the year. In order to make this list, I had to be excited to see the movie and was completely let down by the film.

Just missed the cut: The Irishman, Glass, Yesterday and Beach Bum

  • 5. A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

    The title, the trailer, the poster were all deceiving. This should have been a Mister Rogers film but instead we get the story of a reporter. The movie was just fine but what could have been really keeps me up at night.

    It was extremely disappointing to watch because Tom Hanks gave in what little time you see him, a great representation of Mister Rogers.
  • 4. The Lighthouse

    The trailer always hooks us, right? It’ll be a recurring theme throughout this article and rightfully so. The Lighthouse meets that same boat. Between a haunting but yet mysterious trailer and two brilliant actors (Pattison & DaFoe), you have a recipe for a great movie.

    Boy could I have ever been wrong. This movie was weird and I LOVE weird (Swiss Army Man comes to mind) but this was just bad. The sound in this film was so uneven to the point in which I started to laugh during certain aspects of the film.

    Dafoe and the cinematography were great but outside of that, this film was a giant DUD.
  • 3. Ma

    The moment I saw this trailer, I was hooked. Octavia Spencer is an amazing actress and this role looked like a slam dunk for her. That part was wrong as she was very good in this film.

    BUT they dropped the ball. She couldn’t carry a lackluster script that had extremely lazy writing and it felt like it just gave up in the third act. They just seemed more concerned with trying to make the third act set up a sequel instead of letting this movie be it’s own.

    Check out my review here:
  • 2. Uncut Gems

    Man the trailer of this film had me hyped. In the year we got Eddie Murphy back, we were going to get Sandler back. I mean how many bad Netflix movies was he going to make before we finally got a good movie out of him?

    This movie had potential but what killed me was the meandering for the first hour of the film that was just boring. I could not invest myself into Howard. He was a slim-ball piece of crap that deserved literally everything he had coming his way.

    It had some funny one liners, Kevin Garnett was a delight to see in the film and Sandler was just okay.

    I am almost alone on this hill but I’ll die on it alone. The film just was a massive disappointment.
  • 1. Captain Marvel

    This movie was such a disappointment. I had high expectations per usual due to Marvel knocking movies out of the ballpark.

    Brie Larson is a phenomenal actress and I felt the script did not help her one bit in this film. If we would’ve gotten more of the “I’m Just a Girl” version of Captain Marvel throughout the film, I think this film would’ve been light years better.

    The best part of this movie was Goose. When the best part of your movie is a cat, you might want to re-think the movie.

    Check out my review here:

Jacob is a film critic and co-founder of the Music City Drive-In. He is a member of the Music City Film Critics’ Association and specializes in the awards season. You can find him on Twitter @Tberry57.

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