Five ‘Fast and the Furious’ Crossovers We Want to See

With F9: The Fast Saga coming out in June, the recent trailers have shown us how much more intense and even more over-the-top they have gotten, we (me really) want to see the game stepped up even more. So today, I wanted to throw out my favorite Fast and the Furious crossover ideas. Fast and... Continue Reading →

2021 Most Anticipated Movies

At the beginning of 2020, Parasite won Best Picture, and after that, COVID broke the movie slate and changed things forever, starting with the fact that I was scheduled to see a press screening of Quiet Place 2 on March 16th, and everything shut down. I am still mad about this one as several hundred... Continue Reading →

Ranking New Movies Available on VOD

With the COVID-19 shutting down movie theaters across the nation, we are seeing movie studios take the initiative and release a lot of the 2020 films on VOD starting as soon as today. The price tag on most is going to be $19.99 with some being available for 48-hour rental (others available for purchase at... Continue Reading →

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