The Boston Strangler review

The new take on the Boston Strangler follows Loretta McLaughlin, a Boston American Record crime reporter. She is fresh on the beat but notes a series of similar murders involving older adult women in Beantown. (Coining the term serial killer was not official until 1974 by an FBI Behavioral Science Unit agent Robert Ressler). The... Continue Reading →

M.N. Miller’s Worst Films of 2022

No, it’s not deja vu. There have been some gloriously steaming piles of pure garbage along the way to take our minds off our circumstances for another year. I thankfully look at the bright side of things and happen to know creating a list like this can be a cathartic godsend to film critics like... Continue Reading →

M.N. Miller’s Best Films of 2022!

While still respecting the couch potatoes streamers who see the future of movies at their fingertips, let's celebrate studio heads and the theatergoers who brought back the cinema experience to its former glory. It was an extraordinary year for films in a wide variety of mediums. From the big Hollywood blockbusters, the hidden streaming gems,... Continue Reading →

‘Day Shift’ review

Jamie Foxx, one of the hardest working talents in Hollywood, has a new movie out this week on Netflix. It's a film that expands the scope of what a pool boy can do. Do you think I am lying? Foxx plays Bud Jablonski, a man who ensures your pH never gets higher than 7.8, or... Continue Reading →

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