18th Annual HollyShorts Film Festival Reviews

I am excited to be covering this year's Hollyshorts Film Festival. The festival is a virtual and in-person festival running from August 11 to August 20. I will be checking out as many shorts as possible and sharing my thoughts on each short I watch. Today begins my festival coverage with some of the shorts... Continue Reading →

Binge Watch: X-Men Films

Last year, 20th Century FOX was sold to Disney, reuniting almost all the Marvel stories. One of the last of the FOX-produced X-Men films, New Mutants, debuted at the end of August. It was long-awaited and has been much maligned. Some have called it the worst X-Men film. I disagree, but it got me thinking... Continue Reading →

Binge Watch: Ron Howard

Rebuilding Paradise, a new documentary film by Ron Howard, is now available on VOD and in limited screenings. It is my favorite film of the year so far, a powerful exploration of the fire that devastated the small town of Paradise, California, and the year following. Howard is a great filmmaker, and he captures the... Continue Reading →

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