February 2022: What’s New at the Redbox

February 1st Ghostbusters AfterlifeClifford the Big Red DogDeadlock February 4th Last Survivors February 8th King RichardResident EvilApexThe Hating GameMiss WilloughbyCatwoman Hunted February 15th Super IntelligenceDeath of a TelemarketerLockeddownSettlers February 22nd American UnderdogFallenShattered

Binge Watch: Jason Reitman

The latest installment of Ghostbusters releases next Friday. I’m pumped to see it as I’m a fan of the franchise and director Jason Reitman, who helms the film. He is actually succeeding his father, who directed the first Ghostbusters film! Last week I looked at Ivan Reitman, today it’s the best of Jason Reitman! Films... Continue Reading →

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