The 355 Movie Review

Directed by. Simon Kinberg Although it is not as headache-inducing or banally manufactured as Netflix’s Red Notice, Kinberg’s The 355 is jejune drab. It shows us once again that having lots of A-listers in your cast doesn’t mean a thing if you don’t have anything of substance to showcase for it. The 355, which gets... Continue Reading →

‘Zeros and Ones’ Review: Ethan Hawke can’t help this pandemic war thriller that leaves you with more questions than it answers.

Directed by. Abel Ferrara Abel Ferrara ditches the psychodrama playlets and focuses on “thrills” in the Ethan Hawke-led Zeros and Ones. However, it does contain a significant amount of narrative and directorial restraints that keep it from abiding by Ferrara's usual abstruse thematics. There aren’t many directors who can showcase brutality and physicality while adding... Continue Reading →

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