Maybe Someday Review

There are few genres as quintessential to the American film canon as the road trip movie. These movies are usually reserved for sad white men who are living out their Jack Kerouac fantasies of life on the road. Maybe Someday queers the road trip genre and makes space for a different kind of story about... Continue Reading →

Minx Episodes 7 + 8

God Save the Queen of Dicks continues after the blazing bonfires of Minx at the local college. Councilwoman Bridget Westbury (Amy Landecker), who tried to shut down Bottom Dollar Publishing in episode 3, has created an action group against Minx. Doug (Jake Johnson) believes that all press is good press and is taking interviews from... Continue Reading →

The Dropout – Finale

Elizabeth Holmes (Amanda Seyfried) is on damage control after the damning Wall Street Journal article comes out. She spends hours calling all of the members on the Theranos board to make sure they are still firmly on her side. Her way of continuing to hide behind lies is by categorizing the writer of the article,... Continue Reading →

The Dropout Episode 7 Recap

Episode seven, Heroes, takes the audience to 2015, where Elizabeth Holmes (Amanda Seyfried), Sunny Balwani (Naveen Andrews), and Theranos are seemingly on top of the world. Elizabeth is showered with praise by Time Magazine, Bill Clinton, and Joe Biden. However, hot on her trail is The Wall Street Journal writer John Carreyrou (Ebon Moss-Bachrach). With... Continue Reading →

Minx Episodes 5 + 6 Recap

Relaying News of a Wayward Snake adds an unlikely new player to the mix: the Mob. Or as Joyce (Ophelia Lovibond) calls them, “the literal Mob who whack people and bootleg whiskey.” The shipping companies that deliver issues of Minx have ties to organized crime and are upset about the article on birth control. The... Continue Reading →

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