Operation Fortune: Ruse de Guerre movie Review

Operation Fortune follows a spy, Orson Fortune played by Jason Statham who must retrieve a stolen high-tech device before an arms dealer can sell it to the highest bidder. Orson team’s up with other operatives. Orson and Sarah Fidel played by Aubrey Plaza, recruit a movie star, Danny Francesco, played by Josh Hartnett to help stop the sale and retrieve the device.

The movie felt like a video game, and each new location felt like a different objective, which I thought made it stand out from other action films. This film had lots of comedy and I found myself laughing throughout, especially with Aubrey Plaza and Hugh Grants Characters. The action was good and it had a mixture of fights, car chases and more. I enjoyed that Orson didn’t always kill everyone, instead he would just injure people. This made for a bit more of a unique action-movie character. The cast are fantastic and have great chemistry. Hugh Grant plays Greg Simmonds, his character was very realistic, I can imagine a person like him in real life.

I found myself throughout the film thinking the script could have simplified the explanation of objectives and motives, as some of the plot was not clear and confusing. I thought the final battle was disappointing, it ended too quickly with not enough action. I would have liked to see Sarah and Danny get to do more action throughout. Overall Operation Fortune is a very good film with lots of action, comedy, epic scenery and locations. It can be a little confusing at times but still enjoyed the story. I hope we get a sequel to this movie!


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