Children of the Corn movie review

Children of the corn is a remake of the previous films of the same name and directed by Kurt Wimmer. The story is about a girl called, Eden Edwards, played by Kate Moyer. Eden becomes friends with an evil corn monster in the cornfield. This corn monster feeds on blood. Eden recruits kids who help her rule the town and kill anyone who goes against her or wants to destroy the cornfield. Boleyn Williams, played by Elena Kampouris, is not brainwashed like most of the other kids in the town, Boleyn goes on a mission to stop Eden and save the rest of the town.

Children of the corn have an interesting story. The film is a bit of a mystery at first, and you are trying to work out why Eden is doing all these horrible things, or if she is just crazy. I also enjoyed that it was pretty tense throughout the film. I felt like none of the characters were safe and anyone could die throughout the story. The movie has some cool shots and cinematography. The cast is amazing, especially Elena and Kate. Elena was great at portraying her character, you could always see the fear, but determination and complete shock in her facial expressions. Kate was good at portraying herself as crazy but in a calm way. This made her character even scarier by killing people, but acting like it’s normal.

Children of the corn did have some problems, and one I was not happy about. I thought the first 20 minutes were very slow, but it did pick up pace very quickly as it went on. The very final scene made me annoyed and angry. Without many spoilers, you go on a journey with this character just for it to be wasted. I left the film not enjoying it as much as I would have If they had cut out the final 30 seconds.

Children of the corn is a good film with a great cast and a clever story that can be tense. I would recommend watching if you go in knowing you may not enjoy the final scene.


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