NFL Network’s “The Godfather vs the Gunslinger” TV Event Reveals Never Before Seen Moments of Epic HBCU Showdown

Amid the NFL’s special programming lineup celebrating Black History Month is the NFL Network’s highly anticipated television event “ The Godfather vs The Gunslinger”—a deep dive into the epic 1984 matchup between two powerhouse historically black college and university (HBCU) teams led by two legendary coaches and would be Hall of Famers Jerry Rice and Isaac Holt.

The revealing new documentary, scheduled to air on the NFL Network this February 25th, unpacks the historical 1984 showdown game between the Mississippi Valley State Delta Devils, coached by Archie Cooley, and the Grambling State Tigers, led by legendary coach Eddie Robinson. The two teams were led by two future NFL stars, Jerry Rice and Isaac Holt, who would go on to have Hall of Fame careers in the league. Through interviews with former players, coaches and sports analysts, the documentary examines the impact these coaches and players had on the sport of football at large and their respective communities.

“The Godfather vs The Gunslinger is a captivating and educational look at one of the most memorable matchups in HBCU and Mississippi football history,” notes Walter Brock, film director and Co-Founder of Crossovr Collective—the production company behind the documentary.

“This premiere is not only a celebration of the rich history of HBCU football, but also a tribute to the skills and talents of these four legendary figures. Whether you’re a fan of college football, or for those who simply enjoy watching great athletic competition and compelling human interest stories, this is a must-watch event,” adds Stephen Rawlin, Co-Founder of Crossover Collective. 

Those wishing to relive the glory of ‘The Game of the Century’ can watch by tuning in to the NFL Network February 25th, 2023 at 3:30 PM Eastern Time.

About Walt Brock, Co-Founder of Crossovr Collective
Walt Brock is Co-Founder of Crossovr Collective—a   Established in 2019, Crossovr Collective and Media is a brand and production company specializing in creating impactful partnerships and content.  We have our ear to the streets while having strategic alliances with sports leagues and properties, labels and global brands. We pride ourselves in providing high level creative solutions, full production services and brand development.

Brock started his career creating community and brand partnerships with at the time Oakland Raiders and forging philanthropic partnerships with UC Berkeley and Columbia University. His work also included producing championship events with the NCAA and Conference USA. After spending 15 years in the professional and collegiate sports, Brock transitioned into content development and cultural storytelling with The Shadow League where he created cultural experiences at the intersection of sports and entertainment

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