10 “Drive to Survive” episodes new F1 fans need to watch before season 5

new Formula 1 season is only weeks away and this time fans will get to witness a Las Vegas Grand Prix during its premier this November. If this seems too far away, Netflix’s F1 docuseries “Drive to Survive” is returning to our screens on February 24th for its fifth season where you can relive the exciting moment Formula 1 drivers took to the new track for the first time.

More than half (53%)1 of Formula 1 fans have stated that Netflix’s “Drive to Survive” has had an impact on them becoming fans of the sport and so to premier for the new season, BestGamblingSites.com has utilised IMDb data to uncover the best and worst episodes of the Netflix series.

Top 10 highest rated “Drive to Survive” episodes

RankingEpisode TitleSeasonRating [Out of 10]
1.Man On Fire2Season 3, Episode 99.4
2.Raging Bulls3Season 2, Episode 68.7
3.The Comeback Kid4Season 3, Episode 68.5
4.Redemption5Season 1, Episode 38.3
5.=Checkered Flag6Season 2, Episode 108.2
5. =Dark Days7Season 2, Episode 48.2
6. =The Next Generation8Season 1, Episode 88.1
6. =The Art of War9Season 1, Episode 48.1
7.Nobody’s Fool10Season 3, Episode 38.0
8. =Boiling Point11Season 2, Episode 27.9
8.=Great Expectations12Season 2, Episode 57.9
9.=All or Nothing13Season 1, Episode 67.8
9.=All to Play for14Season 1, Episode 17.8
9.=Hard Racing15Season 4, Episode 107.8
9.=Seeing Red16Season 2, Episode 77.8
9.=Back on Track17Season 3, Episode 27.8
10.=Crossing the Line18Season 1, Episode 107.7
10.=The King of Spain19Season 1, Episode 27.7
10.=Musical Chairs20Season 2, Episode 87.7
10.=Dog Fight21Season 2, Episode 37.7

*= Represents values with identical ratings.

Man on Fire = IMDb rating 9.4/10

Man of Fire takes the crown as the highest rated “Formula 1: Drive to Survive” episode with a near perfect score of 9.4/10. For fans of Formula 1, it will be clear why this episode has topped the charts – following all the action that took place during the two-weekend stint at 2020’s Bahrain Grand Prix, viewers witnessed the moment Haas team driver, Romain Grosjean, lost control of his car and collided with the fence barricade. The crash caused the race car to immediately engulf in flames whilst Grosjean was still stuck inside, making almost three minutes of on-edge viewership with no sign of the Swiss-French driver until he managed to flee from the sportscarescaping with only minor burns on his hands and feet.

Raging Bulls = IMDb rating 8.7/10

No episode details the difficulty Formula 1 Drivers face in keeping their seats than Raging Bulls. Taking the second spot with a 8.7/10 rating, this episode follows the journey of new Red Bull driver, Alex Albon, who takes the place of Pierre Gasly as he is demoted to sister-team, Scuderia AlphaTauri mid-way through the 2019 season. This episode also sensitively mourns the loss of Formula 2 driver Anthoine Hubert, who fatally crashed during the 2019 Belgium Grand Prix.

The Comeback Kid = 8.5/10

After being suddenly dropped from Red Bull mid-season for Alex AlbonPierre Gasly starts the 2020 season as the driver for Scuderia AlphaTauri, which was also Albon’s priory seat. This interchange is the main narrative for this episode as Gasly fights to prove his worth to Red Bull’s team principalChristian Homer.

Viewers can hear the comments made by Homer, stating Gasly will not drive for Red Bull again despite his ability proving better than Albon, and see how the French driver uses this to drive his way to a win in the final episode. 

Lowest Rated “Drive to Survive” Episodes:

RankingEpisode TitleSeasonRating [Out of 10]
40.Growing Pains22Season 4, Episode 76.7
39.Tipping Point23Season 4, Episode 36.8
39.=A Mountain to Climb24Season 4, Episode 46.8

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