Play Dead Review

“Play Dead” is directed by Patrick Lussier and follows Chloe, who is played by Bailee Madison, she fakes her death with her brother’s help to break into a morgue. T.J, Chloe’s younger brother, played by Anthony Turpel, leaves his phone with evidence that he was involved in a robbery with Chloe’s ex-boyfriend, Ross, played by Chris Lee. Chloe, however, soon realizes that she is not alone, as the coroner, played by Jerry O’Connell is at the morgue. Chloe soon discovers the coroner is much more dangerous than she first realised.

Play Dead is an great and tense horror thriller film. There are lots of twists throughout the story that I didn’t expect. Characters you don’t think will be in the movie much start becoming the main ones. I thought this was a clever aspect of the story. Another thing I enjoyed about this film was the love story between the two siblings. You can see how much they care and would do anything to protect each other. I thought this was a strong element of the story and made you feel more about these characters. The cast is all amazing and extremely talented. Bailee is great at portraying her character. Throughout the film, Chloe becomes braver and less scared. In one scene, she kicks a person and smiles, I thought this was a badass moment, you could see through her facial expressions how powerful and strong she has become and feel for what she has gone through. Jerry is great at portraying the coroner. Throughout the film, he doesn’t talk much and he has to rely on his facial expressions and movement. This made him more scared, in my opinion. We also learn something about the coroner later on that makes it more twisted what he is doing.

Play Dead did have some issues. I found one of the twists in this film extremely predictable, I felt like they could have improved on this twist due to it being done many times before, involving a policeman. I also would have enjoyed more talking in this film and a few more fight scenes. Chloe is a caring character, but she doesn’t help someone in one scene. This may have been because she couldn’t have done anything for this person and shock, but I would have liked her to have tried. I was surprised and disappointed she didn’t. This film is gory, but some of the gore is left up to the imagination and only shows you the aftermath of what happens.

Play Dead is an epic, tense, edge of you’re seat horror movie with a talented cast, twists and a badass, kind main character. I would love a sequel, and I recommend you all check it out! I give Play Dead 4 Stars. Play Dead premieres exclusively early on the Icon Film Channel from 13th February. Sign up for a 7-day free trial at or via the Icon Film Amazon Prime Video Channel! Play Dead is released in selected UK cinemas from 17th March and will come out on DVD later this year. The director has done 3D films in the past, fingers are crossed for an Anaglyph 3D glasses DVD release!


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