Teen Wolf The Movie Review

“Teen wolf the movie” continues the story from the hit tv show. “Teen wolf” ended in 2017, so time has passed. Scott McCall, played by Tyler Posey, is still helping at the animal shelter, Lydia, played by Holland Roden, is an estate manager and Malia, played by Shelly Hennig, is dating Jordan Parish. Derek played by Tyler Hoechlin, is now trying to control his son, who is a little rebellious and wreckless. Scott and Alison’s dad Chris and Lydia all start getting visions of Allison, who died in season 3 of the show. They all have fears Allison is in trouble, so they try to put her at peace. Alison comes back from the dead by them doing this. Allison, played by Crystal Reed, has forgotten everything other than she is a werewolf hunter. Scott and the rest of the gang must try to get Allison to remember who she is while trying not to get killed by her. This is just the start of the problems as old enemies also appear to hunt them all down!

“Teen Wolf the movie” is very mature and pretty grown up compared to the tv show, for example, some swearing and nudity throughout. I was surprised by this, but in a good way. The action in this film is amazing, from sword fights to punches and kicks and more. Crystal was good at being badass, playing Alison during fights. The movie is very funny, especially the Coach and Malia. Coach Bobby Finstock Played by Orny Adams, says my favorite and funniest line in the whole movie. Orny is a professional comedian in real life as well as an actor. Malia hasn’t changed much since the show and still finds it hard with emotions and social interactions, which leads to some funny scenes. The outfits and style in this movie I thought were very good. Scott’s and Allison’s jackets were cool as they were contrasting colors. I also thought Allison’s and Lydia’s boots were badass. Another thing I enjoyed is Lydia and Scott exchanged secret looks between each other, I feel like this was more a cast decision than in the script. Teen wolf can be emotional at times and a little shocking, but still great fun!

“Teen Wolf the movie” did have some issues. Although I watched the show, I did get confused a lot about the motives of the villains, I felt confused, but know others felt the same way. I do wish they had explained better why they wanted revenge and are trying to kill everyone, or refreshed people’s memories, as the show ended a while ago. I did also think that some of the character’s interactions for greeting each other were a bit unrealistic or rushed. In my opinion, I feel like they would have all stayed in touch with each other. I believe a few scenes were cut out, so that could have been why. I had hoped the movie would have improved on the effects, but the CGI was the same as the show.

“Teen Wolf the movie” is very good but confusing at times. The movie is more enjoyable on the second watch if you try not to think too hard. Streaming on Paramount Plus on January 26


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