‘The Last Of Us’ Ep 1 Officially Highest Rated Pilot Ep Ever (Overtaken Breaking Bad & Game Of Thrones)

‘The Last Of Us’ Ep 1 Officially Highest Rated Pilot Ep Ever (Overtaken Breaking Bad & Game Of Thrones)

The data analysts at Best Sports Betting Canada have compiled a list of the best pilot episodes ever based on their IMDB rating.

The Last of Us ranks at the top of the list with a 9.4 rating on IMDB, tying Chernobyl, another HBO series, for the highest-rated pilot episode ever.

For full data, visit: https://bestsportsbettingcanada.ca/blog/2023/01/18/the-last-of-us-tied-for-best-pilot-episode-rating-ever-overtaking-breaking-bad-game-of-thrones/

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‘The Last Of Us’ Ties Chernobyl For Highest-Rated Pilot Episode Ever


The Last of Us currently owns a 99% score on Rotten Tomatoes and an average audience score of 96 percent.

At IMDB, over 47,000 users have weighed in on the first episode in less than three days. The debut earned a stunning 9.4 rating, tying it with Chernobyl for the highest-rated pilot episode ever.

HBO’s new hit TV show also beat out Fargo (9.3), Lost (9.2), The Walking Dead (9.2), and Mr. Robot (9.2) on the list of best pilot episodes ever.

Check out all of the IMDB scores for the top-rated TV show pilot episodes below.


The Last Of Us Pilot Earns Highest Rating Of Any Video Game Adaptation


The pilot’s current 9.4 rating shattered the previous record of 8.5 held by Arcane: League of Legends and Pokémon for the highest-rated debut ever.

While fans seem to be satisfied for now, some video game series haven’t been so lucky. ‘Resident Evil’ (5.0) and ‘Mortal Kombat’ (6.7) are among the video game adaptations that have the worst IMDB rating.

For a complete breakdown of the top-rated TV shows that are based on video games, check out the list below.


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