Wednesday review

Wednesday is based on Wednesday from the Addams Family. Wednesday goes to a new school that her parents used to go to. The school has lots of supernatural creatures from werewolves to mermaids. Wednesday is trying to fit into this new school, while at the same time being a sort of detective to try and find this monster. The funny thing is that normal humans are more bullies and mean than the kids at the school.

Wednesday is amazing, from the start of this show you get whisked away into this new world. The story is very intriguing with lots of exciting moments. Wednesday is a dark character, and the music throughout the show matches her emotions. The brightest parts of her outfit is her white top and shiny boots. I was a bit surprised her character had that much light on her outfit. The cast are fantastic, especially Jenna Ortega who plays Wednesday. Her character tries not to show emotion, but throughout the show, we see her open up, especially when she feels guilty. Jenna acting is unlike anything audiences have seen her in before, and I feel like most people will be blown away by how great she is, from the way she walks, talks and facial expressions. I also thought when she was vulnerable or sad she strived, as you could see she was trying not to show emotion at the same time. The sets are very grand and visually appealing. I found the show to be very funny but I think lots of people may not understand or get the comedy.

Wednesday is a fantastic show but I thought the start of the show was a little slow. I also think a few parts of the backstory don’t make full sense about one of the town’s historical figures. I found one of the explanations about the Monster confusing. Wednesday was surprisingly gory for the age rating, I didn’t mind this, but others may be surprised.

Wednesday is a fun new show and world. I found the show easily binge-able. I’ve not seen Addams Family but enjoyed Wednesday. Check it out on Netflix.


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