Ze Network Review

Ze Network is an action mystery thriller comedy tv show that follows David Hasselhoff, who is tired of doing cameos or just being known for Mitch in Baywatch and Knightrider. His daughter, played by Athena Strates gets him a job in a serious play in Germany. When David arrives, he meets Henry Hübchen, who, with Thomas Gesach, recruits him with an organization known as The Network to help take down this ruthless leader of a country. This leader kills gay people but is a fan of the Hoff. At the same time as this, David gets attacked in his hotel. Will David find out who is trying to kill him?

This show is really fun. I was surprised at how high the budget was. The first scene in the show opens with an action car chase. This show also has some really funny and shocking moments with twists and turns throughout. In each episode, you are on the edge of your seat, trying to uncover the mystery. This show was good at blending different genres. Although it’s not a horror, it had horror elements and was atmospheric throughout to build suspense. For example, The Hoff imagines things and walks into a room, and then suddenly, a person appears behind him. You are also trying to determine if Hoff can teleport or if he is just falling asleep. The cast is all amazing, David is hofftastic like always. It was interesting seeing him play himself but in a story that you would not expect David to do. Other than David, my favourite characters was Melli played by Lisa-Marie Korol. She is a sort of assistant for the Hoff. What I liked about her was she always looked out for David and throughout the episodes, she became less shy. She was also a rather funny character in the show, as lots of the jokes she said seriously. I would have liked for her character to have become more involved with the mission. Another character we meet is the detective Kommissar Comberg Played by Urs Rechn. He is trying to find this missing girl, but also another fan of David. This made for an interesting character. Throughout the show, he knows something is not right and suspects David but at the same time, doesn’t want to accuse him fully. This, I thought, was very clever, he managed to show both sides to Kommissar well. Besides these characters, Athena was great at portraying Tara. She stuck up for her dad and was rather badass throughout the show and not afraid to say what she thought. David, Melli, and Tara all had cool outfits.

This tv show i enjoyed but was let down by a few things. Firstly throughout the show, you are trying to work out if David can teleport or not. I was very disappointed as it wasn’t clear if he could. The final scene of the last ep didn’t make much sense and confused me. Hopefully, if we get a season 2 it will all be explained. During a few scenes on the show, when David is not around, some of the characters speak German. I’m not sure if this will be fixed in the future, but the later episodes had no English subtitles for those scenes.

If you are looking for a fun, action, mystery, thriller and spy tv show that’s not like anything else, I will check this out. Fans of The Hoff will love it. I feel like people who don’t like the Hoff may skip the show, I strongly suggest not to you won’t be disappointed. Take the day Hoff and watch Ze Network it’s Hofftastic!


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