“Eternal Spring”- Interview

Jason Loftus, the director of “Eternal Spring,” has shined a light on the story of Daxiong and other survivors exploring a heist to take back the narrative surrounding a religious practice from the Chinese government in 2002. In what has now become an academy award nominated documentary, artistry, myth, and hard hitting truths blend and Mr. Loftus speaks here about why this was made and what it took to make this happen:

The film is available in more places than you might think! Visit https://eternalspringfilm.com/ to find locations to watch and links to help support the story being told if you feel compelled. Remember this is more about allowing voices to be heard and not manipulated by others than it is about personal choices/belief systems.

Police finding a survivor in hiding while making active efforts to persecute Falun Gong.

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