Fall Blu-Ray + Digital Review

Fall is set to come out on Blu-Ray on October 18, 2022. We got a copy of the Blu-Ray and we are going to review all the goods that come with it. Plus, we share our interviews with cast members Grace Caroline Currey and Virginia Gardner.


Directed by Scott Mann
Written by Scott Mann and Jonathan Frank
Stars Grace Caroline Currey, Virginia Gardner and Jeffrey Dean Morgan
Plot: Best friends Becky (Currey) and Hunter (Gardner) who find themselves at the top of a 2,000-foot radio tower.


  • Audio Commentary by Writer/Director Scott Mann and Producer James Harris
  • Madison Beer “I Have Never Felt More Alive” Music Video
  • Fall: The Making Of
  • Trailer
  • Digital copy

Packing Thoughts:

I loved the picture they used for the front cover of the Blu-Ray because it perfectly depicts what this movie is all about.

The Movie:

The type of movie that Fall is makes it essential for the actors to make us feel every single emotion throughout the film. You have two actresses at the top of this radio tower for almost two hours. Currey and Gardner both give two dynamic performances that make this movie a step above your typical mid-tier budget film. When Currey hones in during that third act, I clung to every word she said, and I was blown away.

Bonus Content:

In my conversations with Grace Caroline Currey, Virginia Gardner, and Scott Mann, I already knew some of the things that went into making the film. From the entire set being built to the tower that they stood on to film the movie and the long hours of shooting within the weather elements. It was rather neat to hear Scott Mann and James Harris go more in-depth with some of the on-set stories throughout the commentary.

I loved the addition of the music video because I had seen it before on Youtube, but being able to throw it on my 65-inch TV, it only enhanced it and I love the song.

Is it worth a purchase? Yes

Fall is hands down one of the biggest surprises of 2022. The movie is down-right incredible from every aspect, from the performances to how it was shot to the way Scott Mann was able to provide all the emotions possible. From the commentary to the music video to the film itself, I would say this is worth the purchase price.

Virginia Gardner & Grace Caroline Currey Interviews

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