2022 Nashville Film Festival: The Best of Fest

It was my third year covering the Nashville Film Festival, and it was filled with some truly incredible pieces of filmmaking. Today, I will share with you the best movies from the 2022 Nashville Film Festival.

Best Feature Film: Nanny

Excerpt from my review: Overall, Nanny is hands down one of the best movies of the year, and it’s the type of film that will linger around in my head for days, even months later. Incredible job from everyone involved in this project, and if you have the opportunity to catch this in theaters, please do because it plays tremendously on the big screen.

Best Performance of the Festival: Anna Diop – Nanny

Excerpt from my review: Speaking of Aisha, Anna Diop gives one of the most profound performances in one of the most challenging roles of the year. How she could bring Aisha to life within every moment of this film was genuinely captivating. Diop’s work should be on everyone’s radar moving forward, and I hope this results in her breaking out into more and more roles because she was incredible.

Best Documentary: Relative (Documentary)

Excerpt from my review: The biggest fear anyone faces when something like this happens is that no one will believe them. You see the different generations and how they looked at things or perceived what happened to them. I am heartbroken, sad, and genuinely in tears. I applaud everyone involved in this project because it’s one of the most important pieces of filmmaking we will see this year.

Best Short Film: Mate

Excerpt from my review: Overall, the film is quite direct and honest, which conveys well with carefully crafted direction, strong writing, and beautiful cinematography. I really liked this one.

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