Do Revenge Review

Do revenge is a dark comedy film directed, written, and produced by Jennifer Kaytin Robinson. The film is about a teen girl named Drea played by Camila Mendes who teams up with Eleanor played by Maya Hawke. They both decide to do each other’s revenge and get back at people who have ruined their lives.

Do revenge is a very entertaining and authentic film. There were numerous things I enjoyed and appreciated about this movie. This film is clever and misleads you lots, with numerous twists and turns. Sometimes it makes you rethink what you thought you had worked out. Do revenge is a very colorful film, though the characters can be dark. I was very engaged not just by the story but also by the visuals. The soundtrack I also thought was great, and some scenes had excellent cinematography. Jennifer did an outstanding job with this film. The cast in this movie I had been fans of for a while. All the cast have very unique outfits. The chemistry between Camila and Maya is amazing, you could tell they instantly clicked. They were both extremely badass, intimidating, and powerful throughout the movie. The film also stars, Austin Abrams who is very good at portraying his character Max as a mean and spoilt person. Alongside them, other stars include Alisha Boe, Rachel Matthew, Rish Sha, and more.

Some things I didn’t enjoy, were at times jokes didn’t land. Some jokes that tried to be funny I didn’t think worked. I also thought the ending motive of a character felt like they could have made it slightly easier to understand, and had a bit more backstory. If you are looking for a film that has a clever script, is badass, and sexy, and will leave you feeling shocked throughout with twists then this film is definitely for you.

Do Revenge is streaming on Netflix on September 16

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