Samaritan Movie Review – a predictable but fun action movie

We have a brand new movie coming out on Prime Video in Samaritan. Is the superhero-ish film worth checking out? I share my review and let you know.

Samaritan follows a young boy who learns that a superhero that everyone thought went missing after a huge battle almost 20 years ago may still be alive. The film was directed by Julius Avery and stars Sylvester Stallone, Javon Walton, Pilou Asvaek, Moises Arias and Dascha Polanco.

The decisions you make add up.

The movie starts with a bit of a slow build, where we see Sam conjure up the idea that the superhero Samaritan is still alive. Well, we also see that Sam and his mother aren’t exactly living on the up and up. Because of this, Sam is into some illegal activities that help pay some bills.

One run-in with a bunch of criminals sees him on the verge of getting beat up by them. However, Joe sees what is about to happen and protects Sam. At this moment, Sam realizes that Joe is, in fact, Samaritan. While all this is happening, Cyrus (our big bad villain) breaks into the jail to retrieve a weapon that Nemesis tried to use to take over the world.

Throughout the movie, we see Joe bond with Sam, which is a good little pairing. In addition, Sylvester Stallone and Javon Walton have good chemistry that at least makes this part of the movie interesting. They have some quality moments together early on, especially with Stallone playing the grumpy older man toward the kid early on.

Speaking of Walton, he had some funny moments, including several times when he punched Mosises’s Arias character right in the face. Walton may find himself a bit of a future in the movie business. Another part of the film I liked was Pilou Asbaek. I thought he was a relatively solid villain who was a worthy adversary in the movie.

The story within the film isn’t groundbreaking by any means. It’s overly predictable and even somewhat uninspiring at times. It gets slightly ridiculous in the third act with some just crazy action sequences where Joe gets shot, stabbed, punched, kicked, and doesn’t flinch a bit. That said, I had a good time with the film. Not much not to love about Stallone at a trillion years old, kicking ass and taking names.

So if you are looking for a no-nonsense action film that is easy to watch? Toss on Samaritan and have yourself a decent little time.

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