Prey (2022) Review

Hulu’s newest original, Prey, is the latest film by director Dan Trachtenberg. Prey is set 300 years before the events of the original film Predator from 1987. It follows Nabu and her brother Taabe in their everyday lives in the Comanche tribe until something comes down from the sky.

Prey is an absolute breath of fresh air in a franchise that so desperately needed it. It takes everything we all loved about the previous films and brings life into everything else.

At just over 90 minutes, Prey gives you time to really immerse yourself in its world, establish your footing and learn to love the characters before the action kicks in and does it kick in. Predator is as brutal, violent, and badass as ever. The same goes for Naru, who helps prove that the weapons, brains, and tactics used by the Comanche tribe in this movie are truly the film’s stars.

Prey isn’t without its faults, though. The CGI does get pretty wonky at some points in the film, especially with the animated animals.

Overall, Prey delivers on every aspect you expect it to. While I did watch it in English, there is a version coming to Hulu in the Comanche language that I sure plan on checking out when it’s released, as this movie is the perfect rewatch movie. Truly the best thing out of this franchise since the original, I’d easily give Prey 4 out of 5 stars.

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