Brian Myers talks about what advice he’d give to young people breaking into Wrestling at Starrcast V

I recently attended Starrcast V in Nashville, Tennesee. The three-day event took place at the Nashville Fairgrounds. It was headlined as Ric Flair’s Last Match, which included a weekend of roast, panels, and a convention. After hosting The Major Wrestling Figure Podcast during the event, we had a chance to ask Brian Myers a question.

We sat through the Panel/Podcast of The Major Wrestling Figure Podcast which is hosted by Matt Cardona and Brian Myers. They talked about some of their favorite figures, highlighted some of the best/worst Ric Flair figures and even brought Miro in as a special guest. The entire podcast was amazing and made me a fan of these two.

Wrestling isn’t the easiest sport to break into, but you can for sure become a wrestler really easy. However, becoming a great wrestler, or a wrestler that hopes to make it on TV one day is another thing. After the podcast, Brian Myers answered some questions including mine below where I asked him what advice would he give to young people breaking into Wrestling. Take a listen below.

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