Renee Paquette talks about wrestlers opening up on her The Sessions Podcast at StarrcastV

I recently attended Starrcast V in Nashville, Tennesee. The three-day event took place at the Nashville Fairgrounds. It was headlined as Ric Flair’s Last Match, which included a weekend of roast, panels, and a convention. We had the chance to talk to Renee Paquette while she was on the convention floor.

Since leaving WWE, Renee Paquette has transitioned into many things, one of which is her successful podcast on Volume Sports, The Sessions. The podcast is an uncensored, unscripted, in-depth conversation with some of the biggest stars in professional wrestling and celebrity friends.

One of the more impressive things about the podcast has been her ability to have her guest genuinely get comfortable in that opposing seat for her to peel back some layers to these larger-than-life people.

It was highlighted when Renee hosted The Sessions podcast during Starrcast V when she had Brian Danielson on as her guest. He was quite open and honest about a lot of things. During my time with being able to chat with Renee, I asked her about what she does to make her guest feel comfortable. Below you can take a listen to what she had to say.

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