Movie Review Roundup

Chip N Dale Rescue Rangers Review

Chip n Dale’s rescue rangers is an action mystery comedy based on the old Disney cartoon characters. This version is based in modern times and has a similar style to Roger Rabbit, where cartoons and humans live in a world together. Chip and Dale go on an adventure together to help find a cast member from the original rescue rangers TV show who has gone missing.

Chip and Dale had numerous funny moments and scenes that made me laugh. Andy Samberg and John Mulaney voice Chip & Dale. They brought lots of life and emotion to these characters, and you could tell they had fun recording it. Due to the movie being self-aware, the characters here felt more natural and more genuine.

Another enjoyable thing about this movie is how many characters there are throughout the film. It featured characters from sonic, South Park, and countless more. I was shocked about this, as I was only expecting Disney characters. Watch people will have fun spotting all the different characters the film offers.

Although it was a hilarious movie, the story I felt was a little generic and not that unique. This was a bit of a disappointment, and I thought it could have done a bit more to give it a more exciting plot. The story felt like something that had been done a few times before. I do think due to the story having numerous characters and being self-aware of itself, they do a good job and hiding the generic plot. Some viewers may not notice or feel the same way I did.

If you are looking for a film for all ages, this would be a good film. I think this film will appeal to everyone, adults and kids. It’s a very funny and not confusing story. This is the movie for you if you just need to relax after a stressful week or need cheering up.

The Valet Review

The valet is a comedy movie about a movie star who hires a parking valet at a Beverly Hills restaurant to pose as her lover to cover for her relationship with a married man. Samara Weaving plays Olivia, the movie star and Eugenio Derbez plays Antonio, the valet. They are both very talented, and you could tell they had good chemistry. Samara and Eugenio both make their characters feel genuine. This makes you connect with the movie more. I thought they were both extremely well cast and brought their unique spark to the film.

This film, I thought, was very intriguing, seeing the different contrasts in both characters’ lives. Antonio has not much money and lives with his mum. His community is very tight, and he is very close with his family. Olivia is wealthy and one of the biggest celebrities; everyone seems to know of her. Although she is rich and famous, she is not close with her family, and most of the Friends she has are people she pays and is coworkers. This made the film very appealing to watch and seeing the different cultures and relationships made it a delightful movie. When I first heard of this film, I wasn’t sure I would like it. However, I had been a fan of Samara Weaving for a long time, so I decided to give it a go.

The Valet surprised me with how the movie turned out. Most people who read about this film may think they already know what will happen, but it is a unique film and not the generic plot that has been done numerous times before. This movie had a few twists in it that I was not expecting but thought were fun and clever. I enjoyed this movie a lot and there is not much I didn’t enjoy. However, I did feel like maybe they could have replaced a few scenes with maybe a few more chase scenes, as a few scenes felt a little slow. The Valet is just over 2 hours but I did not feel that long when watching.

One problem I found when watching this film on Disney plus is when people talk in different languages, which frequently happens throughout the film, the subtitles did not appear for me. I had to keep switching them on. I wished I had known sooner that subtitles were meant to be there. I have realized this happened to many people. So if you do intend to watch it, make sure to turn on English subtitles.

If you are looking for a hilarious, unique, interesting story, or just want something not heavy going and need to relax, then I recommend this movie!

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