Tanger Outlet’s Steven Tanger Announces “Retail is not dead” at Nashville Breaking Ground Event

As we all know, Nashville has been growing rapidly throughout the last few years. You can’t drive across town without seeing something new being built, and business is booming as the city approaches recovery from the pandemic.

In Antioch, TN, we attended the Tanger Outlets Nashville Break Ground event. From Mayor John Cooper to rising country star Julia Cole to Tanger Outlets CEO Stephen Yalof to Councilwoman Joy Styles to Tanger Outlets Executive Chair of the Board Steven Tanger, the event was packed with excitement for what was ahead for the upcoming outlet mall.

The event kicked off with a beautiful rendition of the National Anthem from Julia Cole and was followed by Councilwoman Joy Styles talking about welcoming everyone back to the Southeast. Styles spoke about the memories of the former Hickory Hollow Mall and how this is the return of the Southeast, how Antioch will go from a retail and food desert to a place where we can live, work and play.

The fake news was wrong. Retail is not dead and retail is alive and well in Nashville, Tennessee.

Steven Tanger

Tanger Outlets Executive Chair of the Board Steven Tanger hit the stage for his turn to talk about the project and he opened his speech by reminding everyone that retail is not dead.

Here are some of the other details we found out about the upcoming Tanger Outlet Mall.

  • The building of the outlet will create over 700 jobs for construction.
  • When the Tanger Outlet Mall opens it will create over 1100 jobs for Middle Tennessee.
  • Tangler CEO Stephen Yalof announced some of the stores that include Michael Kors, Vera Bradley, Fossil, Oakley, Levi, Ralph Lauren, American Eagle Outfitters, Aerie, Under Armour, Puma, and Nike.

We were able to grab a few moments of Tanger Outlets CEO Stephen Yalof’s time to ask him a few questions about the growth of Middle Tennessee.

Richard Valero: How has the growth of Nashville helped developmental projects across the state?

Stephen Yalof: This project started five years and we thought it was an amazing growth story five years when we first bought the land. Nobody predicted five years later what the city of Nashville would be like. It’s more than just a tourist destination. The community is evolving, especially where we are building this shopping center. With all of the new office development, business, and technology happening in the city of Nashville. It will bring quality jobs and really feed off of this best-in-class education network. You pick three or four reasons to build a shopping center in a community and this shopping center might have twenty great reasons to build it and counting. 

RV: Antioch was once the place to be in Nashville, are you hoping the new Tangler Outlet will bring a little of that back to the area?

Yalof: Oldacre McDonald has done a great job with their vision for Antioch. When we first optioned this location five years ago, none of this was here and it was just so amazing to see all the development that’s taken place. The Nashville football club and all the committed, in fact, all the residential’s already sold out. It’s really adding to the infrastructure and the road network is amazing. We say location, location, location in the real estate business, but in the outlet business, we say, location, location, and access. Access is key. The access onto this off 24, you can’t get better access.

The Tanger Outlet Mall is scheduled to open in Antioch, TN in the Fall of 2023

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