Netflix’s The Ultimatum – The Four Worst People on the Show

I have been hooked on The Ultimatum since it was released on Netflix. The show is yet another trashy reality show that highlights how people are insane. The show follows a few couples which has one from each couple issuing the big ‘Ultimatum” of marrying me or they are hitting the bricks.

The show has some interesting people and I know they were put in this situation and this might not be how they are in real life, but on the show, they were awful. So I decided to rank who I thought were the worst people on this show.

4. April

THIS GIRL KNEW HOW TO THROW OUT THE TEARS. Look, I am sure she is a nice person, but she was annoying. She issued the ultimatum and brought her boyfriend, Jake, on the show. The couple always seemed like opposites when they were together and seeing Jake with Rae, and it was light years difference. Every dinner with the other girls, she was so aggressive for no reason.

3. Zay

We all have our issues, but I am not sure anyone looked as bad as Zay did throughout this show. From being overly aggressive in his arguments to disappearing until 8 am without contacting anyone to not listening to a word, anyone would say when they would try to explain themselves. He was entirely all over the place and I hope my guy sees the show and seeks some help.

2. Madlyn and 1. Colby

I put these two together because they are both terrible human beings. I’ve never been so annoyed by two people on a reality show more than I have with these two. Madlyn is so wishy-washy on things that it was so hard to watch. One minute she is in love with Randall, the next minute, she tells Colby she is ready to lock it down.

Colby is the biggest snake. I am sure this guy could’ve won Survivor or Big Brother in the number of ways he would backstab people. If he was talking, he was lying and every move this guy made was nothing but infuriating. If we are being honest, these two deserve each other.

The Ultimatum is on Netflix now.

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