The Ultimatum Queer Love Episode 3 & 4 Recap

On this episode of the Love in Reality Podcast, I break down episodes 3 & 4 of the newest season of The Ultimatum: Queer Love. I share all my thoughts on everything that went down in the third and fourth episodes. Netflix is releasing the episodes as follows: * Week 1(Wednesday, May 24th): Episodes... Continue Reading →

The Ultimatum: Queer Love | Date Announcement & Teaser Debut | Premieres May 24 The Ultimatum: Queer Love Premiere Date: May 24, 2023Synopsis: The Ultimatum universe is expanding to showcase more stories of love, relationships, and the ups and the downs of commitment. In The Ultimatum: Queer Love, five new couples, made up of women and non-binary people, are at a crossroads in their relationship. One partner is... Continue Reading →

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