Cheaper by the Dozen Review – a genuinely good time

A Cheaper by the Dozen remake? Is this something we need? I don’t know, but remakes are hit and miss, so I decided to at least give this a try in hopes to at least get a FEW laughs.

We get an introduction to each family member, who they are, and their aspirations for life. We also meet Bark Obama and Joe Bitten (KILL ME NOW), the family’s pets. We also get a background story on how Paul and Zoey met and ended up with their nine kids.

When Dominic (Leo Abelo Perry), Zoey’s ex-husband (Gabrielle Union), re-enters the fray, things become a bit tougher for Paul (Zach Braff). The battle between the father and stepfather reaches new heights while at the kid’s basketball game breaks out into a dance-off between the two. I won’t lie, I laughed quite a bit at this scene, it may be the dad in me, but I enjoyed it.

Upon Paul’s sister going back into rehab, her son Seth moves into the house with the family. However, as the family business starts to blow up, things around the home begin to get a little crazy and put a wedge within the family.

For a movie that I had few expectations for, I ended up liking the dynamic that the writers brought to the table. Union and Braff make a fun pairing as our co-leads in the parent’s role. They have some really heartfelt scenes about the importance of chasing our dreams, not losing sight of the family along the way and how everything is more important when accomplished together.

Overall, the film will be a good time for the entire family. Kids will laugh at the outrageous things the kids do, the parents will laugh at what the parents do and both will laugh at how they react to their crazinesses. I had a good time with this and it truly surprised me.

The Verdict: B-

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