SXSW Review: “To Leslie”

I’m sure it’s crazy to describe practically every performance from Andrea Riseborough as tour de force yet here we are. Andrea Riseborough plays Leslie, a single mother with a grown son. She has blown through not only her lottery prize money but all of her relationships as well. Riseborough’s Leslie is so chaotic, recalling Gena Rowlands’ performance in A Woman Under the Influence (1974). Marc Maron offers fine support as Sweeney, the last person alive who tries to help out Leslie. 

Patty Griffin sing the Linda Perry penned “Angels Keep Falling” in the credits, a beautiful and powerful ode. 

Running at about two hours long, cuts could have been made. However, it is worth seeing.

Vegan alert:

-Pete (James Landry Hébert) vilifies fries and alcohol instead of burgers
-Salisbury steak and roast turkey breast for options

Vegan points:
Anti-zoo message

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