Space Force Season Two Review

I remember watching, and kind of liking, season one of Space Force, even if it was uneven in what they were trying to get at. The show struggled to blend its tone and overall I wasn’t sure it warranted another season. However, I did like the cast and that alone is what made me want to check out Space Force Season Two.

Plot: Under a new administration, General Naird and his dysfunctional but endearing crew have four months to prove that Space Force is worth keeping around.

Space Force tries so hard to mix together stories and often falls flat in doing so. We have a cast full of hilarious people who do their part in making each episode funny. However, the show tries a little too hard to be serious. The relationship between General Naird and his daughter Erin is one of the more dramatic arcs in the show that I actually do love; I wouldn’t change a thing about it. It primarily stops there because some of the other more dramatic arcs fall flat.

One of the other issues I have with the show is giving each character their own thing. When you are a 30-minute show with a dozen characters you are trying to give storylines to, it tends to be too much and fails. It would have been best to focus on General Naird, Space and the relationship between him and his daughter with the rest being background noise you can build.

Instead, they push what should have been in the background to the forefront of the show, and you are watching things you have little connection with. You are invested in some of what is going on but often wonder why you are watching the show at all. I don’t understand so many aspects of what the show is trying to accomplish. As I mentioned, there are so many stories going on which causes the entire journey to feel exhausting. The show would benefit from a whole rewrite in the story and let it either be hokey and dumb or serious with a touch of comedy. Space Force really goes for it all, but can’t find anywhere to land.

Ben Schwartz is a national treasure and if you want to see this man thrive, watch The AfterParty, one of the better well-written dramedy shows you will watch – on Apple TV+ from the brilliant minds of Phil Lord and Christopher Miller. Schwartz is FANTASTIC in that show. He is one of the best comedic actors that I hope we see more and more from him soon.

As we hit the homestretch with the show, there were several lackluster episodes leading into the finale. However, they did their best to tie together all the pieces. It pains me how much I loved the final episode because it highlighted the potential the show truly has. Steve Carrell is fantastic as General Naird, but the writing is so rough around the edges outside of the serious nature that I don’t love him in every episode.

Best Episode: Episode 3: The Chinese Delegation

Worst Episode: Episode 4: The Europa Project

The Verdict: C-

Is Space Force an easy watch? Yes. Does that make it good? No. Most people will probably enjoy this for what it is and that is fine. Still, the writers have a great premise and even better actors that take part in the project, but overall it’s just a massive letdown.

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