Who is Jack Reacher?

This article, “Who is Jack Reacher?” contains spoilers regarding the Amazon Prime Video series Reacher season 1.

The titular character of the uber-popular books and new Amazon Prime series, Reacher, has finally come to television. Author Lee Child calls the adaptation of his beloved character, “Almost perfect.” It’s almost as if Jeff Bezos said to his brass that he wants his own Dirty Harry and Omar Little to stream on his digital waves. So, that begs that questions. Who is Jack Reacher?

Who is Jack Reacher in season 1 of Reacher?

Jack Reacher stands 77-inches tall, weighs 250lbs, and has tree trunks not only for legs but for arms as well. He is a former military police officer with his moral code and laws all his own. The former soldier is comfortable in his skin and refuses self-pity. He is a natural introvert who happens to had a brilliant mind for deductive reasoning and his veins seem to be filled with Whey protein. Reacher has just left the service, the only life he has ever known growing up in a military family. Reacher is now walking town to town, only traveling with the clothes on his back, a wallet, and his military pension going into his bank account biweekly to make sure he can eat, have shelter, and buy new clothes the local Goodwill and/or military surplus store.

He arrives in Margrave, Georgia, because his brother Joe told him a rag-time jazz musician, Blind Blake, died there. The ultimate coincidence of a lifetime happens. He walks onto an overpass where a dead body was found later. That body is his brother, Joe.

He had no idea he was there.

What does Reacher do in Reacher season 1?

Besides Reacher fighting off a couple of dozen people, including a majority of them  being imported special forces hitmen from Venezuela, the former MP needs to solve the mystery of what has been happening in Margrave. Including why these assassins are running around the quiet Georgia town, killing citizens and most of the police force?

Reacher foils the plan of the Kliners. His brother Joe was working on a counterfeiting ring for the Secret Service. While Reacher initially thought that the money was being shipped into the United States, it turns out the Kliners are outside-the-box thinkers. The paper needed to make American money is impossible to obtain, so they collected one-dollar bills. They created chemicals to bleed the bills ink off, creating the perfect paper and reminding them as one-hundred notes. Now, they had a surplus of them and no way to ship them overseas because the United States Coast Guard has shut down anyway to smuggle them out of the country.

And when Reacher said he was going to kill them all, boy did he mean it. He takes out the entire white latex kill squad, the two remaining Kliner boys, and with the help of Roscoe, Oscar, and Paul, the distribution warehouse. Reacher kills KJ Kliner, who admitted to killing Reacher’s brother, by kicking his chemical-soaked upper torso into a box of burning bills as he lights up like kindling.

In flashback scenes, Reacher’s character is established as having his brand of justice. That can be summed up that evil people have what was coming to them. Also, we see the only time Reacher will appear vulnerable. As an adult, he and his brother Joe said goodbye to their mother, who was dying.

When Reacher walks away from Margrave, he leaves some of the first friends he has ever made behind. Including Roscoe, who developed a caring and intimate relationship during their time at Margrave. He says goodbye to her and barriers his grandfather’s service medal in the ground near the underpass and says goodbye to his brother.

What did you think of Amazon Prime Video’s season 1 character Jack Reacher? Let us know below!

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