’32 SOUNDS’ Sundance Review

-Allison McCulloch

“Everything changes and nothing is lost.”

Academy Award nominated documentarian Sam Green brings us 32 Sounds, a collection of different sounds including a burning piano, a cat purring, waves crashing, and a whoopee cushion.

This 95 minute experience was somewhat marred by technical difficulties on Sundance’s opening night. It started late and then kicked people out of the theater once it had commenced. Also, the screen was so small that it was challenging to read the text on an already small laptop.

Before the screening, we were encouraged several times to wear headphones for the spatial experience and it was worth it.

Since Ella Fitzgerald is my favorite singer, I loved the part where they played a Memorex commercial that showed her singing at a pitch that would break glass. The documentary got next level when it started discussing quantum physics and the unpredictability of life.

The film actually had this quote, “Remember with headphones on, nobody can hear you.” Actually they can hear you, but you might not be able to hear them.

While cinema is mainly a visual medium, Sam Green brings us a unique experience. We were told to close our eyes periodically and then we would be told when to open them again. I, of course, kept my eyes open. You wouldn’t miss much with your eyes closed, but I hate to be told to close my eyes during a film, even in the own comfort of my home.

All in all, Sundance chose a good film for opening night despite the snafus.

Rating: 7/10

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