And Just Like That Recap

Things have been heating up between Miranda and Che, creating tension amongst the trio of friends as they question what it means to be progressive. Charlotte and Harry are eager to show their support with Rose’s transition into Rock whilst realising the world around them isn’t as perfect as it may seem. Meanwhile, Carrie continues to adapt to life on her own and bonds with Seema before throwing herself back into the dating world.

First things first, Charlotte and Harry need more screen-time together. The dynamic between them has always been fun to watch, even more so because of how realistic their relationship actually feels. The scenes involving their characters can be comical but not overly satirical, like their quarrel following the tennis match. Charlotte is so caught up in maintaining this immaculate image of her life to impress socialite bestie, LTW. Much to popular disbelief, couples argue! No matter how hard they try to hide it so when Charlotte catches LTW in the midst of a spousal spat, it takes the edge off. 

Miranda persists in pursuing Che but after a seemingly blatant rejection, she tries to reignite the spark with Steven by recreating her passionate night with Che – what could possibly go wrong? It’s over before anything can really begin, signifying that they truly are no longer compatible. Their marriage is a ticking time bomb waiting to happen and Che looks to be gearing up to swoop in at Miranda’s request. There’s little direction to Miranda this season; instead of displaying empowerment and individuality, she is lacking in the development needed to reach these. The more the show goes on, the less likeable she becomes and it all comes down to refusing to inform Steve of her affair.

One of the better additions to this revival is by far Seema; she’s glamorous, sassy, matter-of-fact and actually a decent person in Carrie’s life and in general.. Of all the women around her, Seema appears to be the only one who understands Carrie – we can only hope to see much more of her! Taking some major steps forward, Carrie puts herself back on the market with disastrous results; during a date with widower, Peter, they decide to fuel their night with alcohol before projectile vomiting together on the street – who said romance is dead these days?

It’s almost enough to deter Carrie from jumping into the dating world until Peter shows up the same charity event she’s at. In a moment of mortification, Peter places a bid to win a lunch with Carrie but assures her it doesn’t need to go anywhere. Peter seems like a decent dude by the end of it all. There might not be a romantic spark yet Carrie’s willing to try, maybe considering what they’ve both been through.

And Just Like That is slowly losing its buzz episode by episode, clinging onto ‘woke’ humour that fails to flow naturally at points. It’s hard to tell where the series is going but there’s still a small window to find its footing.

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