26 Thoughts I Had While Watching Scream 4

The rewatch of the Scream movie franchise has come to a close. As with Scream 3, I am not sure the last time I remember watching Scream 4. My distant memories of the film have been good, though. I am excited to revisit this one.

So today, I close out my series with 26 Thoughts I Had While Watching Scream 4

  1. Jigsaw shoutout in the first few minutes!
  2. Hasn’t anyone learned from hanging up on Ghostface yet?
  3. A Facebook killer. LOL. – Hello Kristen Bell, goodbye Anna Paquin.
  4. Hello Julie Taylor and Britt Robertson.
  5. This isn’t a comedy. It’s a horror, people live and people die. What an iconic line. 
  6. Coach Taylor is going to come back and whoop Ghostface’s ass. 
  7. Literally, every TV star of that decade is in this movie. 
  8. Deputy Dewey glowed up in this movie. 
  9. Trouble in paradise in the Dewey/Gail residence. 
  10. Anthony Anderson and Seth Cohen cop duo. 
  11. Gail with the “I still got it.” line. 
  12. Ghostface is ruthless as fuck with his kills. I loved it. 
  13. We have a Culkin!!
  14. Ghostface throwing Allison Brie off the roof in the middle of Dewey’s press conference was beautiful. 
  15. Oh yeah, a random camera that looks like one of those fake hotel cameras will get all the info Gail needs. 
  16. There is so much meandering around in this movie. Welp, Seth Cohen is dead. 
  17. Fuck Bruce Willis – Anthony Anderson
  18. More meandering. The entire movie has a weird vibe to it. 
  19. However, I do like the kills in this movie. They have been extra-level gory and badass. 
  20. I can’t believe Kirby let Charlie hanging outside the way she did. 
  21. I would love to know how many takes it took for Hayden Panettiere to name all of those horror movies at once. 
  22. Well, I guess leaving him hanging was a good thing.
  23. Sidney gets stabbed. Again, nothing could ever create the magic that Billy and Stu had brought to the end of the original. 
  24. You are telling me, Sidney, only facing a knife in front of her, has dodged and fought off a much bigger Ghostface, stood there and took a stabbing without even fighting? GTFO. 
  25. You just won’t die. What are you, Michael fucking Myers. 
  26. You forgot the first rule of remakes, don’t fuck with the original – Sidney is the goat. 

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