30 Thoughts I Had While Watching Scream 3

I can’t tell you the last time I watched Scream 3. But, unfortunately, I don’t have very fond memories of it and I never go out of my way to watch it, so I am intrigued to watch it now in order with the rest. 

So today, I continue my series with 30 Thoughts I Had While Watching Scream 3. 

  1. Cotton Weary big-time talk show host stuck in traffic. Traffic sucks. 
  2. You know I actually liked the opening—the Cotton chasing after his old lady while Ghostface wants to know where Sidney is. 
  3. RIP Cotton.
  4. Sidney has them extra layers of security now. 
  5. What an interesting set of bangs by Gail Weathers. 
  6. McDreamy is in this? 
  7. Surprise surprise, someone dies and Gail comes running. – I love Dewey
  8. Jay and Silent Bob!
  9. This movie has so many stars in this damn movie it’s insane. 
  10. I had a crush on Jenna McCarthy as a kid. I loved her in BASEketball. 
  11. She dead.
  12. WTF? Jake Ballard and now Mackenzie Mchale is in this too?
  13. I’m not sure I love the voice changer, but also I like it?
  14. Dewey to save the day!?!??? He also falls down the hill, LOL. 
  15. I used to remember phone numbers by heart like Dewey. 
  16. Jamie Kennedy coming back to give the trilogy’s rules is amazing. 
  17. Actress Gail following real Gail is such classic stuff. 
  18. Carrrrrie Fisher!!! Princess Leia joke!
  19. Sidney reliving the original moments on the set is some good stuff. 
  20. Easy Geraldo – I love the Shit real Gail gave fake Gail. 
  21. The movie had way too many serious moments that felt forced. 
  22. Sidney to Detective McDreamy: What’s your favorite scary movie. McDreamy: My life. WHAT. 
  23. The final fifteen-twenty movies seem to drag on for years. 
  24. Gail throwing a vase at Ghostface hahahahhahahahahahahahhaha.
  25. Ghostface pulling up the rug = epic
  26. The MVP of this movie is Dewey’s mustache.
  27. Nobody can juke out Ghostface quite like Sidney.
  28. The battle between Sidney and Jake Ballard was actually quite good. 
  29. Sidney is the goat. 
  30. Dewey saves the DAY!

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