The Tender Bar Press Conference Recap

The Tender Bar is dropping on Amazon Prime Video this Friday (here is my review), and I had the chance to take part in the film’s press conference.

Who attended the press conference: Screenwriter William Monahan, Stars Ben Affleck, Lily Rabe, Tye Sheridan, Christopher Lloyd, Daniel Ranieri, and Briana Middleton.

Some highlights from the conference:

  • Ben Affleck talks about being starstruck by working with Christopher Lloyd.
  • Affleck also credited the entire cast for their work on the project. You can tell this was personal for him in how he talked about it.
  • Affleck talked highly of Briana Middleton. He didn’t have any scenes with the actress but talked about when he watched the film, she stood out in a big way and called her a future star.
  • Everyone had so many great things to say about working with George Clooney and how he is a great actors director.
  • Daniel Ranieri, seated with Ben Affleck, was a bright star in the entire chat. He talked about how his nerves disappeared after the first scene he filmed because of how easy it was. (this drew a huge laugh from everyone)

The last question of the press conference, a question I submitted to the panel, was answered.

I asked Tye Sheridan: Jr learns a lot from Uncle Charlie, what is something you learned from Uncle Charlie that you could adapt to your everyday life?

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