25 Thoughts I Had While Watching Scream 2

Today, I continue my franchise rewatch of Scream. If there is one movie in this franchise, I always forget if it was great or good, it is Scream 2. I LOVE the opening and honestly, I don’t remember a whole lot else from it.

So I continue my series with 25 thoughts I had while I watched Scream 2.

  1. The opening of this movie is easily one of my favorite openings of any film.
  2. I loved how they hand out the mask at the theaters, the cheesy horror film playing to make fun of the original and just how everyone starts to die.
  4. Blaming film for things since 1997. 
  5. Many sequels gave surprised the original, LOL. 
  6. Six degrees of Kevin Bacon
  7. Sidney knocks out Gail again. I love it.
  8. Deputy Dewey called out Gail for her representation of him in her book. I love David Arquette.
  9. RIP Buffy the Vampire Slayer
  10. I find it funny every time Ghostface gets near Sidney, and he always has the worst moments of any time he tries to kill. 
  11. Jerry O’Connell singing I think I love you was terrific. 
  12. Jamie Kennedy breaking down the sequel rules is beautiful. 
  13. The stage scene was so well shit with Sidney ending up losing it. 
  14. The entire scene in the park was weird, ghost face wide open and no one sees him? Weird.
  15. Randy dying made me sad. 
  16. Legit, no one should be surprised Liv Schreiber became a star. 
  17. The love story of Dewey and Gail is cute. 
  19. Poor Dewey was dying in front of the woman he loved. 
  20. Ghost face said, “Surprise Motherfucker” and started driving like he was playing GTA. 
  21. I swear I would’ve pounded his face into the steering wheel a hundred times while he was knocked out. Like, come on, haven’t you watched Zombieland? Double-tap.
  22. I am not sure I loved how these final moments unfolded the way they did. 
  23. Boyfriend, killer, Boyfriend, killer UH-OH 
  24. Mickey (Timothy Olyphant) I felt like it was too forced in this scene where it was more natural with Billy and Stuart.
  25. The ending of this was decent but failed even to come close to the original, which should be expected. There are great bits and pieces of this, especially the opening, but it follows Randy’s quote of saying sequels aren’t as good as the original. 

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