30 Thoughts I Had While Watching Scream

With the latest installment of Scream heading into theaters on January 14th, I wanted to go back and revisit the franchise. I always love the original and four, but I never remember how I feel about the middle two. So I was excited to revisit the entire franchise to get some thoughts on the new film. 

So today, I kick off my series with 30 Thoughts I Had While Watching Scream. 

  1. The opening of this movie is perfect. 
  2. The introduction to the voice of Ghostface to understand who he is and following it up with the ruthless introduction to him the person. I just loved it. 
  3. Skeet Ulrich never gets the credit he deserves 
  4. Seeing Deputy Dewey earlier on is so crazy knowing who he becomes 
  5. Matthew Lillard was such a fantastic piece of casting. Another introduction is done so well with subtle hints that you realize later. 
  6. The way everyone handles Sidney early on because of her mom is great writing. 
  7. The first conversation between Sidney and Ghostface is brilliant. 
  8. Sidney’s expose of horror movies breaking down the stupid old-school way of horror is terrific. 
  9. I loved Sidney defending herself and overtaking him to stay alive. It showed how both Ghostface isn’t ridiculously overpowerful like Jason/Michael. 
  10. Gail Weathers with a fat joke, again, loved this writing showing she is a bitch. 
  11. Sidney punching Gail is sooooooo good. 
  12. The phone call to establish Billy isn’t the killer, again the writing 
  13. Kids in school with the mask are so terrible. 
  14. The Fonz’s brief cameo is a hell of a lot of fun.
  15. Heck of a baseball slide by Sidney 
  16. The janitor dressed as Freddy still gets me every time. 
  17. Video stores? Remember those?
  18. Randy’s “everyone’s a suspect” line is one of the best lines ever. 
  19. Party time, what can go wrong? 
  20. I love the Jamie Lee Curtis line drop. 
  21. Neve Campbell was perfect as Sidney, in the third act delivering that emotional line in the bed with Skeet was perfect. 
  22. Jamie Kennedy breaks down the rules of successfully surviving a horror movie, chefs kiss.
  23. Billy finally got him some from Sidney right before he planned to wreck her life. 
  24. The entire last twenty minutes of this movie is literally perfect. 
  25. The look on Sidney’s face when Billy reveals it was him, MY GOD, what a scene. 
  26. Watch a few movies, take a few notes. 
  27. Matthew Lillard and Skeet Ulrich’s line delivery is honestly some of the best in any horror film here. I love these two. 
  28. When Billy hit Stew with the phone, I legit laughed out loud so hard. 
  29. Neve is such a badass. Honestly, she is up there with Jamie Lee Curtis as the queen of horror.
  30. It’s crazy to me that this still holds up as well as it does after all these years. I love everything about this. Each actor brings something to the table, the writing is incredible and it’s just a knockout from start to finish. 

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