Northwood Pie Movie Review

Director: Jay Salahi
Written by Jay Salahi and Todd Knaak
Starring Annika Foster, Todd Knaak, Paul Leschofs, Amir Malaklou
Plot: Community college burn out in the making, Crispin, lands his first job at the local, rundown Northwood Pizza. And through his experiences with friends, coworkers, and a kindling relationship, Crispin learns to embrace his higher ambitions.

I will say this $27.95 is expensive as hell guys, this better be the
best pizza ever for one pie.

The brother-like vibe that the movie kicks off with really reels you into this little world. I loved the simplicity of the opening, in which we get a small introduction to some of these characters that we are for sure going to get to know throughout the film.

You can’t do nothing and expect something to happen.

One of the things that writers Jay Salahi and Todd Knaak get right is exploring the idea of going to school, getting in debt, and then what? What do we do next? Are we supposed to sit at a desk for the rest of our lives, or do we take chances to do things that make us happy? Nobody challenges the idea that it’s okay not to go to college and these two did and I loved it.

Todd Knaak and Annika Foster are a delightful little duo as Crispin and Sierra. It was your typical fall in love and happily, ever after, they utilized the pair to explore the bigger things in life, like even down to finding a purpose. Sure Crispin liked Sierra, and we knew that, but if you follow the details of the writing, it was bigger than that.

The entire film, you can tell, was made by folks who love movies. They did the little things right that most independent films forget. I loved the film’s score, which is a huge miss most times in films like this. It was simple but added such an essential layer of the story-telling.

Is the film perfect? No, not at all. However, the movie is an easy watch that you can turn on, get some laughs and maybe even learn something about yourself while watching. I appreciate what everyone brought to the table and hope these two filmmakers get a chance to bring something else to the world of film.

The Verdict: B

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