3 Love Actually Characters Who Are Awful People (And 4 Who Deserve Everything)

Love Actually is a beloved national treasure here in the UK and that’s largely down to the charismatic personalities that shine on-screen – or at least most of them.

As it turns out, some are actually really terrible people and others just deserved much better. Thankfully, the good outweighs the bad here with 3 characters who are awful and 4 who deserve the world:

Deserved Better: Jamie (Colin Firth)

Mere moments into the movie, Jamie discovers his girlfriend has been cheating on him with his brother. He has it pretty rough from the get-go, including losing the entire first draft of his manuscript in a pond. His case is also helped by the fact that he’s played by Colin Firth who makes it near impossible to dislike him. We love Uncle Jamie.

Awful: Mia (Heike Makatsch)

Everyone can collectively agree that Mia is awful. Yes, Harry (Alan Rickman) goes behind Karen’s (Emma Thompson) back but at least he shows some remorse for his actions. Mia goes in guns blazing without a second thought before propositioning her boss in front of his wife no less. One thing’s for certain, we aren’t looking to forgive Mia or Harry for the necklace debacle anytime soon.

Deserved Better: Sarah (Laura Linney)

Sarah is probably the most selfless character in the entire movie, dedicating her whole livelihood to supporting her mentally ill brother. When longtime love, Karl (Rodrigo Santoro), reciprocates romantic feelings, she can’t fully immerse in the moment and inadvertently ends the relationship before it can even begin. Sarah deserved her own happiness outside of her family.

Awful: Juliet (Kiera Knightley)

The only difference between Mark (Andrew Lincoln) and Juliet and Mia and Harry (Alan Rickman) is the role reversal. Okay, Mark confessed his love to his best friend’s wife but Juliet was the one to pursue him into the street. She kicked a man when he was already down, giving him the worst kind of hope before going back home to her husband.

Deserved Better: Natalie (Martine McCutcheon)

No character is more relatable than Martine McCutcheon’s blundering, foul-mouthed Natalie. Finding herself in unfamiliar territory, she is constantly belittled by other staff with unnecessary weight comments and then loses her job because David (Hugh Grant) doesn’t know how to handle his feelings for her. Natalie was too good for the place anyway.

Awful: The President (Billy Bob Thornton)

This one’s a given, right? The guy is the definition of creepy and he’s only actually in the movie for a few minutes, sharing the screen with Hugh Grant’s ever-charming Prime Minister. Within seconds of being introduced, the president has Natalie cornered whispering sweet nothings into her ear, makes lewd comments about her appearance and isn’t even ashamed of himself.

Deserved Better: Karen (Emma Thompson)

Whose heart doesn’t break every single time Karen opens her gift to discover a CD? Despite her own sorrow, she puts on a brave face for her children, which resulted in a scene-stealing performance from Thompson. When Karen does finally confront Harry, it’s not out of spite or to humiliate him, she’s simply a wife in anguish. Both Karen and Emma Thompson deserve the world for what they gave to Love Actually.

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