“The Big Bend”- Interview: Jason Butler Harner and David Sullivan

I had another excellent opportunity to discuss the release of an independent feature, “The Big Bend,” with two of its stars, Jason Butler Harner ( ‘Changeling,’ ‘Ozark,’ ‘Next’) and David Sullivan ( ‘Primer,’ ‘Flaked,’ ‘Monuments’). Both were insightful and seem passionate about the upcoming film, which is touring its theatrical release continuing in Hawaii this weekend. We discuss the film’s writer/director, the desert setting, and the struggles of low-budget filmmaking:

“The Big Bend” was written and directed by Brett Wagner and stars Mr. Harner and Mr. Sullivan alongside Virginia Kull, Erica Ash, Nick Masciangelo, and Grae and Gavin Matthews along with Brett Wagner’s own daughters, Delilah and Zoe Wagner, who proved a significant asset to the film. The director of photography was Paul Atkins and the film was edited by Katie Ennis.

Producers include Matthew Boda, Aaron Brown, Katie Ennis, Cesar Velasco, and Katrina Wolfe. The film’s set release date is November 6th, 2021. See it in theaters!

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