‘The Simpsons’: Top 10 ‘Treehouse of Horror’ Episodes

The most wonderful time of the year for The Simpsons is undoubtedly Halloween with their holiday specials.

After revisiting each season, I listed my top ten Treehouse of Horror episodes!

10. Treehouse of Horror XII (13.01)

The Simpsons trade Springfield Elementary for Hogwarts with Lisa as a powerful witch in the making set to battle the villainous Montymort at a talent show.

A gypsy places a curse on Homer that leaves him scrambling to find a way to reverse it. Pierce Brosnan joins the family as a bloodthirsty housebot with a romantic interest in Marge.

9. Treehouse of Horror XX (21.04)

Thanks to Krusty the Clown’s new burger, residents of Springfield turn into vicious zombies and Bart becomes the town’s last hope for survival.

In a homage to Alfred Hitchcock, Bart and Lisa hatch a plan to get payback on their teachers but it backfires with a case of miscommunication. ‘There’s No Business Like Moe Business’ has Homer become the new ingredient to Moe’s booze whilst he makes a move on Marge.

8. Treehouse of Horror VI (7.06)

Nightmare on Evergreen Terrace’ transforms Groundskeeper Willie into Freddy Krueger, praying on the children of Springfield following an incident on “the 13th hour of the 13th day of the 13th month.” Lousy Smarch!

The town’s mascots come to life and unleash havoc on the residents before facing defeat at a catchy musical number. Then, Homer gets trapped in the 3rd dimension – which is surprisingly unnerving to see.

7. Treehouse of Horror VIII (9.05)

When Bart toys with science, he channels his best Jeff Goldblum and becomes half-boy/half-fly, forced to battle his other half. A nuclear explosion wipes out the population, leaving Homer to his own devices and a band of mutants.

In ‘Easy Bake Coven’, the town goes wild with Salem-esque trials, revealing Marge’s true identity and reinventing the lore behind trick or treating.

6. Treehouse of Horror VII (8.01)

Kang and Kodos finally achieve world domination when they infiltrate the presidential campaign. Lisa’s science project is actually revealed to be harvesting a small community that targets Bart as public enemy number one.

The Simpsons siblings are terrorised by a ghoulish creature living in the attic. Hijinks ensue before Homer and Marge reveal said creature is actually Bart’s evil conjoined twin, Hugo.

5. Treehouse of Horror XIV (15.01)

Professor Frink’s undead father runs amok, seizing limbs and organs from anyone who crosses his path. The Grim Reaper pays the Simpsons a visit that ends with a career change for Homer.

A magical stopwatch falls into the hands of Bart and Millhouse, who find that unlimited power can only provide so much entertainment.

4. Treehouse of Horror X (11.04)

The 10th instalment features the end of days with the arrival of Y2K and subjects Bart and Homer to a rendition of The Trolley Song after.

An accident at the elementary school thrusts Bart and Lisa into a life of vigilante justice alongside Lucy Lawless in ‘Desperately Xeeking Xena’, and when the Simpsons seemingly kill Flanders, he comes back with a bi-diddly-ite.

3. Treehouse of Horror (2.03)

For the first ever Treehouse of Horror, Bart and Lisa kick off the the holiday special with a bang during their campfire tales. The Simpsons fall victim to a parody of Poltergeist and The Amityville Horror. Kang and Kodos treat them to an unconventional tour of their spaceship.

The final adaptation has Bart portraying the eponymous raven of Edgar Allen Poe’s short story, comically terrorising Homer with chants of ‘never more’ over and over again.

2. Treehouse of Horror IV (5.05)

Homer is put through a hellish court battle for his soul after breaking a deal with the devil, aptly disguised as Ned Flanders, over a donut. The Twilight Zone comes to Springfield as Bart is tormented by a little green gremlin destroying his school bus.

Lisa becomes convinced that Mr Burns is actually a vampire during a family dinner and persuades Homer to commit the ultimate sin: kill his boss! 

1. Treehouse of Horror V (6.06)

In what is probably the best Treehouse of Horror, Homer descends into murderous madness with a hilarious interpretation of The Shining before proceeding to time travel via toaster, altering the course of the future in ‘Time and Punishment‘.

Principal Skinner hits two birds with one stone when he comes up with a solution to handle the overcrowding detention crisis and the quality of Lunch Lady Doris’ cooking in ‘Nightmare Cafeteria‘. Between Groundskeeper Willie’s misfortune and the closing musical number, this easily takes the number 1 spot!

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