‘Oh Baby!’ Short Film Review

Directed by: Brooke Trantor
Written by: Kate Morgan Chadwick & Brooke Trantor
Plot: Jane is on the hunt for a rockin’ one-night stand before an impending arrival.

One of the things I love the most about watching short films is that these stories can be unique and different. You have writers that may be more willing to take on a risk of a story that may not hit a home run right away as a full feature… yet. So they work on this shorter version of it and try to show the magic that could maybe one day come of their vision.

In Oh Baby!, we meet Jane, who is at a restaurant and orders a Virgin sex on the beach with a tiny amount of rum on top followed by guacamole with extra chips and extra guacamole with salsa. Right off the top, I die of laughter because it was in the tone of how Jane (Kate Morgan Chadwick) ordered it, plus she just has this quirky personality that shines brightly off the top.

Jane is looking for, well, one last good lay before she has her baby. So she is blunt about it and tells Ben (TJ Linnard), who she met from bumble, this, and well, the rest is history.

I spoke about the fact I love short films and how we see writers take a risk and that’s what the duo of Kate Morgan Chadwick and Brooke Trantor do. Jane is quite vulnerable while she is on the verge of having this baby and has her own needs. I love the way she is honest about what SHE wants and what SHE needs, which doesn’t always come across on the screen. We have never seen a pregnant woman in this type of role portrayed in this way, and it was terrific. The writing is brilliant.

Kate is the perfect Jane. She brought all the little things to the role that made her funny, charming, charismatic and delightfully blunt. She commands your attention from the start with her humor, but as the film peels back Jane’s layers, we see her vulnerable. It’s a multi-facet performance that is downright perfect.

I loved everything about this film and would watch a full feature about the backstory of Jane, how she got to where she is and more.

The Verdict: A

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