Tethered Review: Time travel strings get way too tangled

A film centered upon the intersection of loss and supernatural phenomenons can be grounds for a fascinating drama, but Tethered tries to weave a disjointed story together that comes to a very abrupt ending.

Sam, played by Caroline Harris, is a detective alongside her partner Keller, played by Joshua Kwak, who are investigating a mans death when Keller goes missing in the woods. As she dives deeper into the details of the case, her personal life and her mental stability begin to unravel.

The main problem with this movie is not the fact that it was told out of order, as this was a key part of the plot to show how the time loops effected not only Sam, but the other people who had come into contact with the anomaly in the woods. The biggest problem is this movie takes itself way too seriously at times and then completely abandons all pretense in others.

Sam is supposed to be a veteran police detective, but yells for Keller to just shoot into the air when she cant find him, as well as breaks into multiple peoples home without announcing that she is police. That’s not even to mention how the victim who kicks off the whole story is found. To say it is not very dignifying would be an understatement.

The bright side of this movie is Harris’ portrayal of Sam. She has a somber aura to her when discussing the plentiful problems in her personal life, and this gives weight to the proceedings as she deals with the disappearance of her partner. It’s unfortunate that no one else is able to keep up with her, and that might not even be their fault as the dialogue from director/writer/editor Greg Furuoka is clunky throughout.

Furuoka has the pieces to a very interesting story here, but it seems he felt the need to over explain the plot through exposition, and that weighs down the movie. Tethered could have been a very interesting sci-fi movie, but it unfortunately never finds its footing amidst a fairly decent job from Harris.

Tethered is available to rent or buy on Prime Video, Google Play, Vudu, or YouTube.

Alex is a movie lover and co-host of the Furloughed Film Talks Podcast. You can find him and his podcast on Twitter @alexfkelly1

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