‘Turner and Hooch’ Season 1 Episode 11 ‘Hooch Machina’ Review

Chaos unfolds in a robotics lab when Turner loses control of Hooch. – shocker, isn’t it? Brooke tries to come between owner and dog, forcing an ultimatum on Scott.

When Scott attempts to convince his boss, Mendez, into taking down the illegal dog ring, he is immediately shunned for his over reliance on Hooch – which is a valid point considering it’s the dog that usually solves a case before Scott. At this moment, we are all Mendez because Turner suddenly has an abundance of information on his dad’s investigation. Where did all of this come from? Why didn’t we get to see Scott and Laura gather the data instead of watching them come up empty every other episode?

Meanwhile, Scott’s relationship causes problems for Hooch. To put it politely, Brooke sucks. If there’s ever a situation where your self-absorbed significant other tells you to get rid of your dog, get rid of your significant other. Always the significant other, Scott! His relationship with Brooke hasn’t had much time to develop. She’s barely made any impact on the show and her character is fairly bland. Nevertheless, the effort to drive a wedge between Scott and Hooch fails terribly as he realises that he actually does need the pup in his life.

The big question of the episode: what comes of the Turner Sr. case? Nothing. It’s not even the central focus – disappointingly so. Laura does, however, go searching for some answers that give her little to go from. Unfortunately, the same can’t be said for Scott, who opts to follow a car similar to the one in his dad’s file. Upon their arrival, Turner winds up directly in harm’s way – this time with no Hooch to rescue him – and is left with a gun to his head.

Episode 10 was an emotional journey for Scott and Hooch. Turner has finally realised that he can’t be without his beloved dog and he also doesn’t need Brooke stomping her way through his life. There should have been more insight to the Turner Sr. case rather than leaving the drama until the last few minutes of the episode, but the finale is sure to be action driven as everyone works to save Scott.

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