Halloween Movies Releasing in October 2021

Halloween is here and many horror movies are being released, but today we wanted to share with you some of the films being released you might not know about.


LIKE DOGS (October 1 on Digital)
Randy Van Dyke horror/thriller.

THE MUTATION (October 5 on Digital//DVD)
Giant Rat Horror. Uncork’d Entertainment

THE OLD WAYS (October 12 on Digital/Blu-ray/DVD)
Critically acclaimed ‘exorcism’ horror. Dark Star Pictures.

DEMIGOD (October 15 on Digital/Theaters)
Rachel Nichols, Jeremy London. Gravitas Ventures

DASHCAM (October 15 on Digital/DVD)
Larry Fessenden, Zachary Booth. Gravitas Ventures

GRAVE INTENTIONS (October 15 on Digital)
Horror anthology starring the late Robert Forster. Terror Films

OUIJA JAPAN (October 19 on Digital/Blu-ray)
Battle Royale-style horror from Japan. Leomark Studios 

TIME NOW (October 26 on Digital/Theaters)
Eleanor Lambert and Claudia Black mystery thriller. Dark Star Pictures

THEY’RE OUTSIDE (October 29 on Digital)
Blair Witch-style found-footage featuring Nicholas Vince. Terror Films.

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