Dynasty: Is Disaster Set to Strike?

With just three episodes to go, the future looks glum for numerous central characters. Fallon (Elizabeth Gillies) and Liam (Adam Huber) face devastatingly challenging hurdles; Blake’s (Grant Show) political campaign sets him up as a target; Amanda (Eliza Bennett) remains a mystery and Kirby (Maddison Brown) holds the key to destroying the Carrington legacy.

The CW soap opera is infamous for its eccentric plot twists and dramatised theatrics and this season has been gut-wrenching to watch for Falliam fans, but is the potential downfall of their marriage all they should be concerned about? What else could be in store for the perpetually doomed Carringtons in the upcoming finale?

Falliam No More

Let’s not get too hasty here, Fallon and Liam have already been dealt the world’s worst hand when it comes to obstacles in their relationship. Yet, not even an overbearing mother, crazed exes, kidnappings and amnesia could keep them apart. Devious assistants and sleazy businessmen are child’s play compared to what these two have gone through. Fallon is determined to save her marriage from going down the drain, let’s hope that Liam can see this before it’s too late.

Besides, no one deserves happiness more than these two. The journey has been long; the fans want it, Gillies and Huber want it, so keep them endgame. It’s a little unbelievable that the writers would throw their relationship away after all the agony they’ve tolerated. Though, nothing is ever easy on Dynasty. Regardless, Falliam forever, okay? OKAY?

A Moldavian Nightmare

Fans of the original series will recall the distressing season 5 finale infamously labelled the ‘Moldavian Massacre.’ As to why that spells danger is pretty self-explanatory. Blake found himself in a bit of hot water last season after a deal with the Moldavians went awry thanks to Laura Van Kirk (Sharon Lawrence).

Surely the patriarch will open his eyes and realise how foolish it would be to lead a political campaign when he already has a huge target on his back – not to mention his son’s murderous tendencies bringing all sorts of attention to his reputation. Blake needs protection now more than ever. Nothing has indicated that the Moldavians are gone for good so are they preparing to wreak havoc in a bid for revenge?

The End of the Carrington Dynasty

Who’d have thought Kirby would become the biggest threat to the legacy Blake has built? After Anders (Alan Dale) passed away, he left everything to his daughter, including documents containing confidential Carrington information that he had sworn to take to the grave.

Over the season, Kirby has made peace with Fallon and Adam and an enemy out of Alexis (Elaine Hendrix), but no one knew the Carringtons better than Anders. Fiercely loyal to each family member, he protected their affairs even from one another, and now Kirby has their darkest secrets in the palm of her hand. Is this the beginning of the end for Blake’s reign over Atlanta?

Adam’s Dark Side Comes Back to Bite Him, Culhane and Sam

Despite claiming he is ‘retired’ from his evil antics, Adam (Sam Underwood) has somehow managed to manipulate, murder and menace his way around Atlanta in the space of several episodes. His latest victim was high-profile mob boss, Leo Abbott (David Aron Damane), in a twisted notion of camaraderie to Sam (Rafael de la Fuente) and Culhane (Robert Christopher Riley).

Has Adam gone too far? Or will he use this as leverage over the unsuspecting pair? Either way, it isn’t looking too great for any of the men. Leo was a pretty intense and powerful contractor; his death is causing quite the stir for those involved. The consequences of his actions don’t tend to cross Adam’s demented mind, although, he is smart enough to never leave a trail that incriminates him.

The Curious Case of Amanda Carrington

Are Amanda’s intentions as wholesome as she implies? During her short time on the show, she has boldly stood up to Fallon and Blake, put Alexis in her place, and is rightfully creeped out by Adam. It’s about time they had a taste of their own medicine but it is a huge concern that Amanda has been welcomed into the family so willingly.

This may sound like a stretch but what if she is actually in cahoots with Colin (Ashley Day) or Eva (Kara Royster) – or both – and they are trying to infiltrate the Carrington dynasty and tear them down? It is technically Amanda’s birth right to Blake’s fortune after all and she knows he wouldn’t just hand it out to her from the get-go. Does Amanda spell danger for the family?

Third Time’s a Charm

Based on Elaine Hendrix’s recent social media, Alexis could be about to make her third trip down the aisle. Donning a wedding gown, Hendrix uploaded a video of herself and Sam Underwood behind-the-scenes performing a popular TikTok trend.

Alexis infamously married tycoon, Farnsworth ‘Dex’ Dexter, in the 1980’s original after he first appears in the fourth season. The remaining three episodes leave plenty time for Dex’s introduction and a possible nuptials arrangement – strictly business perhaps? A wedding, Amanda’s arrival, and the Moldavians? Sounds like Alexis will receive more than she bargained for on her big day if the show follows the source material.

‘Dynasty’ continues on Friday 24th on The CW

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