‘Wentworth’ Season 9, Episode 3 ‘Ties That Bind’ Review

Familiar faces return to the prison and fiery feuds are reignited. Vera (Kate Atkinson) and Will (Robbie Magasiva) tread in dangerous territory when Ann (Jane Hall) threatens his career. Boomer (Katrina Milosevic) goes head-to-head with Lou (Kate Box) for top dog and Marie (Susie Porter) sets a target on Rita (Leah Purcell). Meanwhile, Ferguson (Pamela Rabe) confronts her past.

Where do I even begin? No show has ever conveyed angst as well as Wentworth and the third episode of the final season will have you edging from your seat with anticipation. The stakes have never been higher when boundaries between staff and inmates are breached, the desire for power and revenge chews away at each and every character, and a nerve-inducing battle for top dog endangers the future of the prison.

The performances are utterly phenomenal from everyone this year. Much like last week, Kate Box is fantastic as Lou continues to spiral out of control. She is deeply unhinged, willing to eliminate anyone who stands in her way. A ticking time bomb ready to explode. Jane Hall matches Box’s energy in channeling the equally disturbed general manager, Ann Reynolds. Hall creates a fine adversary for Lou; both women retain a tenacity for power, ready to watch the world burn around them, uncaring of the consequences. All that separates the poisonous pair are the clothes they wear.

Speaking of phenomenons, Pamela Rabe deserves a round of applause for the depths she dives to for Ferguson. Maybe there is no ulterior motive after all and she is totally in favour of righting her wrongs. There is something inquisitive about how she perceives the relationship with Vera, genuine remorse seems to be felt, marking a breakthrough for Dr. Miller (David De Lautour). Rabe delivers what is perhaps one of her most spine-tingling lines yet; “Sometimes you have to kill the monsters you’ve created.” It is hauntingly eerie as her gaze follows an unsuspecting Jake (Bernard Curry).

Rita Connor’s arrival back at Wentworth causes quite the stir. The reunion with Ruby (Rarriwuy Hick) is bittersweet but a necessary progression in their story after all that has recently occurred. This is also the first time the former cop turned inmate and Marie have shared the screen since the harrowing siege in season 7. Tension is starting to boil and Connors has established herself as a key player in the conclusive instalment. A final showdown between Rita and Lou is heavily suggested and holds the potential to rival Franky (Nicole da Silva) and Bea’s (Danielle Cormack) infamous season 2 brawl. If anyone is top dog material it would be the denim queen herself.

Judy (Vivienne Awosoga) persists with her attempts to lead Allie (Kate Jenkinson) away from suspicion but in doing so, takes advantage of the latter’s vulnerable state. Now that Ann has returned, it is highly plausible that Judy is still at the top of her radar, which leads to implications that the manager will uncover the truth behind Allie’s bashing. Ann’s personal vendetta against Judy has already proven the lengths she will go to for justice but will this be the opportunity she has been waiting for? Things aren’t looking too great for Judy in the grand scheme.

Ties That Bind’ is suspenseful, nerve-wracking, and excels in building the tension within a trailblazing season. It’s anyone’s game. No one is safe with a new threat presenting itself at every corner, deadlier than the last. A war has begun but who has what it truly takes to restore equity to Wentworth Prison?

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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  1. HI there, I don’t suppose you know the music/song that was in the opening scene of Boomer recording the women in the show of Season 9, Ep 3. I’ve tried shazamming it, googling the lyrics and can’t find anything. Any help would be appreciated.


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